quarta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2007

The old man told me
in a silver mountain tower
sleeps a marvelous unique queen
locked and covered in vanity

For a hundred years
the night comes to her eyes
Sleeping beauty in her grave bed
poisoned with darkness

Her spirit lives in the mirror (calling my name)
Her long black hair holds me (like never ending nights)
Her voice guides me (feeling your sweet touch in my face)
To a miraculous reality (lust running through my veins)

My killer queen eating me alive
An evil smile closing my eyes.
Lost in space, left in the cold
I’m dying alone.

3 comentários:

lucianosousa disse...

potuguese please!


Rodrigo Maia... disse...

não posso comentar porque não entendi bulhufas
tradução por favor...

lu disse...

Provavelmente uma música..creio q nunca ouvi, mas a letra é interessante ^^